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L & W Backwards Gags - Various mouthpieces
L & W Backwards Gags - Various mouthpieces

L & W Backwards Gags - Various mouthpieces$145.00

L and W backwards gag - 6in shank, 5.5in mou:

L & W Backwards gag bits
6in shank, 5.5in mouth
Handmade in the USA.
These are our favourite brand bits and what we use the majority of the time ourselves.
They are very well balanced and have a super nice "feel" to them.
They offer enough shank to give you "whoa" but enough of a delayed reaction with the gag and curved shank that your horse is not offended and has time to react. They allow you to shape your horse entering the turn.
The backwards gag is available in 4x mouthpieces as pictured.
*Twisted with lifesaver centre (Best for stronger, hard running horses or horses who need more who)
*Twisted Dogbone (best for stronger running horses)
*Smooth Mouth with chain centre (great for sensitive horses or horses who are offended by too much bit. Affords you the most bend of all the mouthpieces)
*Smooth mouth dogbone (Much the same as the chain centre but not as much bend - suitable for most horses)

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