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L & W Long Shank Lifter - Various mouthpieces
L & W Long Shank Lifter - Various mouthpieces

L & W Long Shank Lifter - Various mouthpieces$135.00

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L & W Long Shank Lifter bits
8in shank, 5.5in mouth
Handmade in the USA.
These are our favourite brand bits and what we use the majority of the time ourselves.
They are very well balanced and have a super nice "feel" to them.
The Long Shank Lifter has an even purchase (The length above and below the mouthpiece) gives this bit the most lift of all the bits we offer. The set back curb, very small amount of gag and equal purchase offers a quick response / quick release. It is suitable for more experienced competitors and trainers needing more control on a hard running horse that will drop too early into then turn or needs more rate. This bit will help you gain more shoulder and rib control. It is also great schooling bit.

It's available in 3x mouthpieces as pictured.
*Copper Wrapped with lifesaver centre (Best for stronger, hard running horses or horses who need more whoa - the copper also helps a horse salivate and relax their lower jaw))
*Smooth Mouth with chain centre (great for ore sensitive horses or horses who are offended by too much bit yet still needs shoulder and rib control. Affords you the most bend of all the mouthpieces)
*Smooth mouth dogbone (Much the same as the chain centre but not as much bend - suitable for most horses)

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