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L & W Stabilizer Bit
L & W Stabilizer Bit

L & W Stabilizer Bit$135.00

L&W Stabilizer - 7in shank - set back curb:Mullen Mouth

L & W Stabilizer Bit
7in shank, 5.5in mouth
Handmade in the USA.
These are our favourite brand bits and what we use the majority of the time ourselves.
They are very well balanced and have a super nice "feel" to them.

The Stabilizer Bit is one of my personal favourites! I use this bit the majority of the time on Fortune N Fame. It's ideal for a horse you need to hold between your hands all the way to your spot. It's not called the stabilizer for no reason! It helps keeps the shoulders and hips travelling in a straight line / between your hands but allows you lift as needed. It basically helps to square your horse up. I would use it on a horse that has a tendency to fade into his turns or one that was too bendy as it will help square them up and even let you help one on the backside of the turn if needed. It's a bit that many Barrel horses find pleasing and inoffensive.

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